“you might need to have won the lottery first before getting the keys”

We got invited to join a super car track day by the TV production team for Wheeler Dealers who were filming Mike & Elvis promoting their Maserati 4200 the episode which will be shown in Spring 2023, so watch out for that.


Move mouse around outside of the white circle to view a 360 degree tour of our facilities.


Needless to say, there were numerous supercars on display and here are just a few.

"A great day had by all especially after a couple of laps around the circuit."

As Clarkson would say “More speed, more speed…” or “Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary…. that’s what gets you.”

So if you fancy a day out in the beautiful Worcester countryside check out the website at:-


and get yourself along to a great venue full of interesting people and cars.

So what as a confirmed petrol head, do you do on a cold wet April day.
Obvious really you go and visit some specialist, who’s making some racing seats for you.
So here’s a little insight into Corbeau Seats who are based in St.Leonards-on-Sea, Hastings, East Sussex.

All of the seats are manufactured by hand in their factory in Hastings, East Sussex and they also supply racing harness’ for either professional competition use or just good old fashioned club sport fun.

To learn more visit their website www.corbeau-seats.com

The seat materials are laid up in a specialist mould. Shell constructions are a choice of either GRP, Kevlar, or Carbon weave. The differing shells offer the customer a choice for lightweight, or rigid options as well as styling and colour choices.
Materials are cut to patterns, a choice of Leathers, Vinyl’s, or Cloth options.
Once the shell is removed from the mould it is foamed.
Each panel is sown in a choice of stitching colour
The cover is trimmed onto the seat.
Final quality control checks are completed
Each seat has a thorough clean and steamed to release creases
Seat is ready for dispatch.

Prodrive’s Factory at Banbury prepare and run the WRS Rally Mini’s Aston Martin GT3 Race cars along with producing components  for some of the F1 teams and Military and Aerospace Industries.

Entering the building  we were faced with an Aston Martin Vulcan a track-only supercar with 800 -plus bhp. This naturally aspirated V12 7.0 litre certainly looks very impressing and is capable of 200+ mph.

Formed in the early 1980’s by Dave Richards, Prodrive have been involved in preparing rally and race cars for some of the top names such as McRae, Vatanen, Sainz, Menu, Tarquini, Villeneuve, Palmer the list goes on,  and they have competed in 1161 events finishing on the podium some 472 times.

Our tour took us through the various divisions Motorsport, Advanced Technology, Composites where we could get up close and personal to the products and marvel at the engineering prowess this company has.

Often their products are not recognised by the general public, for instance did you know that they designed and manufactured the bespoke front and rear active aero system for the McLaren P1 car and that currently they are working on a new interior module system for Jaguar Land Rover’s top of the range Range Rover Black car.

Toward the end of our tour we witnessed the inspection and measurement quality control area where manufactured parts are tested to a tolerance of 4 microns, so precise compared with the width of a human hair at 76 microns.

Below are some photo’s about the work this innovative British company does.

Read about an evening with Dave Richards here



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2 Videos